Tally.ERP 9 is an off the shelf software that can be purchased from an IT Hardware vendor or via online Shopping Portals. Your purcahse meets only the licensing requirements and not your Solution requirements. Tally.ERP 9 is loaded with features which are hard to comprehend by just buying it!

Tally.ERP 9, a must have multi-purpose business tool, grows with the knowledge and usage of its users and organizations. The statistics show that around 70% of its users / organizations use only less than 30% of Tally.ERP 9 software. This gap is due to lack of knowledge and initiation.

We provide advance level trainings for you and your staff, which is customized as per their work profile and responsibilities. It benefits the orgnization with improved productivity and efficieny. The training is conducted by Tally Expert(s) having the adequate experience of working with different industries, apart from having the knowledge of local Taxation Rules and Statutory compliance requirements.


Some of the features which we implement through our Tally Experts (TE) and Chartered Accountants (CA) are

  1. TDS Computation, Returns and Forms.
  2. Payroll processing along with PF & ESI
  3. Service Tax Computation, Return and other reports.
  4. Advanced Inventory overing purchase, sales and manufacturing modules
  5. Excise Computation, Returns, Registers & other reports.
  6. VAT Computation, Returns and Annexures.
  7. Security Control management along with Tally Audit.
  8. Banking module.
  9. Synchronization of data from various branches and consolidation of data.