What we can Do?

Tally covers almost every aspect of the business in the current fast changing work environment. As the business grows so does it’s requirements, after a certain benchmark customization becomes necessary to manage the growing demands of the business. One of the practical example can be With growing number of users one has to plan for more security as the information is now accessible to a larzer audience in the organization. As we expand from one location to the other, the need to manage the locations from a central govering office becomes mandatory for effective monitoring and controlling.

Our Capabilities include

1. Print outs that require specific columns, notes, page size; to fit pre-printed stationary.
2. Documents like invoices, purchase orders with logos, specific formats, terms and conditions.
3. Additional fields to capture specific information.
4. Specific security rules.

1. Add a completely new functionality – business processes and operations.
2. Add extensions within Tally.ERP 9 or externally and bridge.
3. Extend to the web and mobile devices, including SMS notifications.

Integrate Tally ERP
1. With other business applications online or offline, with or without Inventory.
2. To Import Masters and Transactions from Excel or any other database.